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Goofy - Kohner - Vintage - Mini Push Puppet #3

Goofy - Kohner - Vintage - Mini Push Puppet #3

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This push puppet was made back in the 1960s for Kohner Bros of NJ.

Kohner made the majority of vintage push puppets in the USA - starting with all wood, then wood/plastic combinations and then all plastic models of cartoon/TV characters.

Goofy is made from plastic and is called a Mini-Puppet.

Overall condition is good. He stands flat on a surface and has his original label. 

Stamped on the button in the base - Made in Hong Kong for Kohner Bros. Inc. Easter Patterson, N.J.

The label reads - GOOFY - No 3990. Copyright Walt Disney Productions - Mini Puppet. Push Button underneath base. Condition of label is fair - it is dirty and some of the corners are creased and lifting.

Works perfectly

Height approx 3 inches